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May 2-7 2015






Sunday 3/5/2015  
15:30 The General Rehearsal of the Faculty of Law Student Delegation to the International Criminal Court (ICC) Moot Court Competition in The Hague

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Beit Maiersdorf

18:30 Workshop in Law and Philosophy
David Enoch, The Hebrew University
The Normative (In)Significance of Hypothetical Consent

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Monday 4/5/2015  
14:30 The Private-Commercial Law Workshop
Prof. Alon Klement, IDC Hertzliya

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Wednesday 6/5/2015  
16:30 Public Law and Human Rights Workshop
Gila Stopler, Academic College
Hobby Lobby, SAS, and the resolution of religion based conflicts in liberal states

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18:15 Law, Economic and Empirical Legal Studies Workshop
Avi Bell, Bar-Ilan University Law School

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