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Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


The International Committee of the Red Cross
Israel and the Occupied Territories Delegation

with the cooperation of



Bruce W. Wayne Chair of International Law
Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

An International Conference:
New Technologies, Old Law:
Applying International Humanitarian Law
in a New Technological Age

28-29 November 2011
Beit Maiersdorf, Mt. Scopus Campus, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Monday,  28 November 2011








Opening Session



Mr. Juan Pedro Schaerer


Head of Delegation, International Committee of the Red Cross, Israel and the Occupied Territories



Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Israel



Prof. Barak Medina
Dean, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem



Dr. Tomer Broude
Academic Director, Minerva Center for Human Rights, Hebrew University of Jerusalem






Mr. Anton Camen
International Committee of the Red Cross
"IHL and New Technologies of Warfare"






Presentations Adv. Hila Adler
PhD Candidate, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Former Head,  International and Civil Law Section, IDF School of Military Law
"Jus in Cyber-bello"


Dr. Heather Harrison Dinniss
Research Fellow, Swedish National Defence College
"Attacks & Operations: The Debate over Computer Network ‘Attacks’



Adv. Deborah Housen-Couriel
Research Fellow, Tel Aviv University
"Disruption of Satellite Transmissions under IHL: Launching New Paradigms"





New Kinetics



Dr. Eitan Barak
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
"Failed to Impress: Technological Innovations and the International Controversy over the Legality of Cluster Munitions"



Capt. Nimrod Karin
Legal Adviser, IDF
"Can Non-Lethal be Non-Legal: Employing Non-Lethal Weapons in Police-Like Activities under the "Armed Conflict Paradigm" and its Implications for their Legal Review"



Dr. Tom Ruys
University of Leuven
"Revisiting the Legality of Explosive Projectiles under the Laws of War"





Keynote Address



Prof. Tim McCormack
Melbourne Law School
"IHL and New Technologies: How Adaptable is the Law?"






Tuesday, 29 November 2011




Revisiting Basic Rules and Principles in Light of New Technologies



Prof. Eyal Benvenisti
Tel-Aviv University
"Reviewing Military Discretion"



Dr. Amichai Cohen
Ono Academic College
"Proportionality on the Defense: The Principle of Proportionality in an Era of Effective Defensive Weapons"



Dr. Noam Lubell
University of Essex
"Applying the Principle of Distinction in Future Battlefields"





New Law for New Machines



Dr. Robin Geiss
University of Potsdam
"Dilemmas of Analogy: Regulating Cyber-Warfare with Traditional Rules"



Adv. Daniel Reisner
Herzog Fox & Neeman, Tel-Aviv; Former Head, IDF International Law Department
"Humanity for Robots? Autonomous Weapon Systems and the Principles of the Law of Armed Conflict"



Prof. Markus Wagner
University of Miami
"Autonomous Weapon Systems: The Dehumanization of International Humanitarian Law"





New Enforcement Challenges



Adv. Eitan Diamond
International Committee of the Red Cross
"Humanitarian Action in a New Technological Age: Challenges and Opportunities"



Adv. Eliav Lieblich
J.S.D. Candidate,Columbia Law School
"Show us the Films: Modern Monitoring Capabilities and Obligations of States to Disclose Information"



Prof. Gerald Steinberg Bar Ilan University
Ms. Anne Herzberg NGO Monitor, Israel    
Ms. Paula Kweskin NGO Monitor, Israel            
"IHL 2.0: The Opportunities, Challenges, and Impacts of Social Media for Monitoring and Enforcement"





In Need of a Legislative Reform?



Dr. Bill Boothby
Former Deputy Director Legal Services (RAF)
"Tallinn Cyber Manual Update"



Dr. Dieter Fleck
Former Director for International Agreements & Policy, German Federal Ministry of Defence
"Technological Challenges in Armed Conflicts and Areas of Regulation"






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