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2013 Doctorants

Dana Gur

Dana's research seeks to inquire whether the distinction between justificatory and excusatory criminal defenses should be applied within the realm of international criminal law, considering some of its unique characteristics.



Yael Vias Gvirsman

The research borrows from international relations literature in order to examine the work of international criminal courts under a new lens- international criminal courts as a form of intervention. The objective is to identify and observe elements that may increase the legitimacy of international judicial intervention and the chances of its success (effectiveness). The research examines notions such as: intervention, legitimacy, various notions of justice. Finally, it observes possible interactions between local and international actors of justice that may also influence the effective intervention in conflict of international criminal courts.



Sigall Horovitz

Sigall Horovitz is currently completing a PhD in Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, under the ERC Project on Effective International Adjudication and the supervision of Prof. Yuval Shany. Building on her previous work as a legal practitioner at international criminal tribunals, Ms. Horovitz’s PhD research examines the reconciliation impact of these tribunals, focusing on the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) as her case study. Ms. Horovitz completed her Masters in Law (with honors) at Columbia University in 2003.



Itzchak Ehud Kornfeld

Itzchk research asks to find What is the impact of courts and tribunals on the adjudication of transboundary environmental disputes (particularly rivers). The dissertation examines a variety of cases from North America and analyzes how the judges or arbitrators reached their conclusions, and whether their opinions had an impact on resolving the conflicts they were addressing.



Gil Limon

Gil's research deals with different modes of action (paradigms) implemented by state in the fight against terrorism – law enforcement, actions under the authority of the Security Council, and the use of armed force – and investigates the relations between the paradigms, from the view point of the norms which regulate each of them.



Henry Lovat

Henry's doctoral project is about “The international civil war regime: why governments agree to the international treaty regulation of internal armed conflict”.



Yahli Shereshevsky

Yahli's research deals with the tension between utopia, apology and reality in IHL.



Sivan Shlomo Agon

Sivan is a Research Fellow at the European Research Council Project on the Effectiveness of International Courts. Her empirical dissertation proposes a methodological framework for analyzing the effectiveness of the WTO Dispute Settlement System in light of its multiple goals, their interrelations and shifting nature, while borrowing analytical tools developed in Organizational Theory. In the summer of 2012 Sivan was a Visiting Scholar at the WTO. Earlier that year she also participated in the WTO internship program as a legal intern at the Legal Affairs Division. Prior to her doctoral studies, Sivan received an LL.M with honors from Northwestern University, an LL.M magna cum laude in Public and International Law from Tel Aviv University, and an LL.B Laws magna cum laude from Tel Aviv University.



Tamar Stachel

Tamar's research focuses on Humanitarian law themes in the international and Muslim legal systems (non-combatants, prisoners of war, weapons of massive destruction) - A comperative research.



Nir Yamin

The thesis presented in the research proposal wishes to show that there is a correlation between EU Member States' domestic competition policy, and the grant of an efficient by theses Member States, and promotes a competition approach to subsidy regulation. In the dissertation, the possibility of expanding this competition approach to the WTO as well, and not only to the EU, is also analyzed.


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