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LL.M. Program in International Law and Human Rights

Law Faculty, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Law Faculty (HUL) has launched in 2011 a new LL.M. Program in English, focusing on Human Rights and International Law.

  • The Program offers a rich and advanced course of study in human rights and international law, fields that constitute an important part of the HUL's long-standing reputation of academic excellence, and in which the HUL is a hub of international activity.

  • The Program is offered at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of the world's leading academic institutions, which is situated in Jerusalem. The University and the city provide a stimulating academic environment and a unique backdrop to the study of human rights and international law.

  • The Program is run in cooperation with the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University, and with the Minerva Center for Human Rights of the Law Faculty.

  • Program Length: Two Semesters

  • Teaching language: English

  • The Program is open to law school graduates holding an LL.B. or J.D. degree with a good command of English. Candidates for the Program will be selected on the basis of law school grades, letters of recommendation and past academic work.

  • Candidates who did not previously study at an educational institution where the language of instruction is English must submit official TOEFL scores or IELTS. The minimum TOEFL score required is 600 on the paper-based test, 250 on the computer-based test or 89 on the Internet-based test. The minimum IELTS score is 7.

  • Tuition: $16,000. Tuition fees include medical insurance and certain extra-curricular activities. Scholarships and stipends are available.

  • Apply via our website www.llm-hu.com

  • Contact: Ms. Shanie Rabinowitz shaniebe@savion.huji.ac.il


2014-2015 Program of Studies (32 academic credits)

Core Courses (4 out of 6)

62410 - International Human Rights Law (Prof. Yuval Shany)

62544 – Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights (Prof. David Kretchmer)

62309 – International Humanitarian Law: Contemporary Challenges, Contemporary Conflicts (Dr. Rotem Giladi)

62502 – The Law of the United Nations (Dr. Daphna Shraga)

62408 - International Children's Rights Law (Dr. Noam Peleg)

62585 – International Criminal Law (Dr. Gilad Noam)

Workshops (2 out of 5)

62669 – International Law Workshop (Dr. Shai Dothan

62628 – Public Law and Human Rights Workshop (Prof. Yoav Dotan/Prof. Barak Medina)

62619 – Law and Philosophy Workshop (Dr. Re'em Segev)

62242 - Transitional Justice Colloquium: International and Comparative Perspectives (Prof. Ruti Teitel)

62256 - Transitional Justice Colloquium: Perspectives on the Arab-Israeli Conflict – (Prof. Ruti Teitel)

Seminars (2 out of 4)

62586 – Legal Aspects of the Middle-East Conflict (Prof. Robbie Sabel)

62798 – International Courts (Dr. Shai Dothan)

62574 – The Refugee Convention (Dr. Rotem Giladi)

62784 – State, Religion and Multi –Culturalism (Prof. Michael Karayanni)


Elective Courses

62782 – EU Law (Dr. Guy Harpaz)

62342 – International Refugee Law (Dr. Reuven Ziegler)

62169 – Human Rights and the Law of Territory (Prof. Malcolm Shaw)

62172 - Is Labor Law Possible? (Prof. Brian Langille)

62173- The Free Exercise of Religion in the U.S. (Prof. Jack Rakove)

62174 - Comparative Constitutional Law (Prof. Mila Versteeg)

62184 - The Supreme Court of Canada and Canadian Constitutionalism (Prof. Adam Dodek)

62186 - U.S. Constitutional Fights: Litigation Among the Branches (Mr. Irvin Nathan)

62180 - Public Interest Law (Prof. Stephen Ellmann)

62342 - International Refugee Law (Prof. Reuven Ziegler)

62176 – An Introduction to U.S. Immigration Law (Mr. Donald Dobkin)

54686 - Introduction to German Constitutional Law (Dr. Jens Woelk)

Required Background Course

62081 - Introduction to the law of Israel (Dr. Osnat Grady Schwartz)


LL.M. Thesis track


Please visit our website at www.llm-hu.com


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