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Adjunct Lecturers

The law faculty benefits from the knowledge, expertise and dedication of almost 100 adjunct professors and lecturers, including many of Israel’s most senior jurists – coming from private practice, the public sector, the judiciary and academia. The contribution of these adjuncts to the teaching program is most profound, as they complement the basic education provided mostly by the in-house faculty, with legal training that is more specific in nature and practical in its orientation.

Notable Adjuncts:
Adv. Rachel Adam (Former Legal Advisor, Ministry of Environmental Protection) - rachelladam@gmail.com
Judge Steve Adler (Former President of National Labor Court) - steve@steve-adler.com
Adv. Zvi Agmon (Founding Partner, Agmon & Co.) - zvi@agmon-law.co.il
Adv. Avia Alef (Director of Economic Division in the State Attorney’s Office) - aviaa@justice.gov.il
Adv. Eli Bachar (Former Legal Advisor to the Israel Security Authority) - eli.bahar02@gmail.com 
Justice Dorit Beinisch  (Former President of the Supreme Court) - dorit.beinisch@nyu.edu
Adv. Rami Ben-Nathan (Founding Partner, Erdinast, Ben-Nathan & Co.) - ben-nathan@ebnlaw.co.il
Justice Mishael Cheshin (Former Deputy President of the Supreme Court) - misha@cheshin.com
Justice Dalia Dorner (Former Member of the Supreme Court) - daliada@court.gov.il
Judge Moshe Drori (Jerusalem District Court Judge) - MOSHEDR@court.gov.il
Adv. Nurit Elstein (Former Legal Advisor to the Knesset) - nurit.elstein@gmail.com
Dr. Tamar Gidron (Former Dean, College of Management Academic Studies Law School) - dron@netvision.net.il
Dr. Aviad Hacohen (Dean, Sha’arei Mishpat Law College) - aviad@mishpat.ac.il
Prof. David Heyd, Hebrew University Philosophy Department - david.heyd@huji.ac.il
Prof. Yehiel Kaplan (Haifa University) - ykaplan@reserach.haifa.ac.il
Prof. Rinat Kitai-Sangero (Academic Center for Law and Business) - shiba@mscc.huji.ac.il
Adv. Menachem Mazuz (Former Attorney-General) - mmazuz9@gmail.com
Judge David Mintz, Jerusalem District Court - davidmi@court.gov.il
Adv. Moshe Neeman (Senior Partner, Shiboleth & Co.) – mneeman@shibolet.com
Mr. Howard Polliner – (Head of Intellectual Property Division, Ministry of Justice) - hpoliner@yahoo.com
Major General Shai Yaniv (President of Military Court of Appelas) - shyaniv1@bezeqint.net
Adv. Dan Shamgar (Senior Partner, Meitar Liquornik Geva & Leshem Brandwein) - dshamgar@meitar.com
Mr. Yehuda Sheffer, Money Laundering Authority Director - yehudashaffer@gmail.com
Dr. Daphna Shraga (Former Principal Legal Officer, United Nations Office for Legal Affairs) - daphnashraga@gmail.com
Dr. Haya Zandberg (Director of Civil Division in the State Attorney’s Office) - HayaZ@Justice.gov.il
Prof. Haim Zandberg (College of Management Academic Studies Law School) - hsandbrg@netvison.net.il



Adv. Rachela Arel - Rachela@cib.ac.il
Adv. Ehud Arzi (Partner, S. Horowitz & Co.) - ehuda@s-horowitz.co.il
Adv. Sharon Avital - sharon.a1506@gmail.com
Dr. Nehemia Avnery - cavnery@research.haifa.ac.il
Dr. Amir Bachar - amir.bachar@mail.huji.ac.il
Dr. Hadas Barak Aharoni - hadasaharoni1@gmail.com
Dr. Baruch Bar-Av - baruch1967@gmail.com
Adv. Arie Barnea - tbt_barnea@walla.com
Dr. Bashir Bashir - bashbashir@gmail.com
Adv. Hadas Bekel-Bahar (Partner, Erdinast, Ben-Nathan & Co.) - hadas@ebnlaw.co.il
Dr. Aya Ben Arush - ayale@mscc.huji.ac.il
Adv. Jacob Ben-Chitrit (Partner, Yigal Arnon & Co.) - kobib@arnon.co.il
Dr. Yehudith Bendalak - judy-ben@zahav.net.il
Ms. Hila Ben-Eliyahu - hilabe@mscc.huji.ac.il
Dr. Uri Ben-Oliel - ubenoliel@berkeley.edu
Dr. Yaacov Ben-Shemesh - ybenshemesh@gmail.com
Dr. Yifat Bitton - bittony@colman.ac.il
Ms. Adva Blau - advablau@hotmail.com
Adv. Dana Brechfeld - danadror@hotmail.com
Dr. Nathan Brun - nathan.brun@gmail.com
Dr. Gabriel Cavaglion - gabi58@zahav.net.il
Mr. Avinoam Cohen - avinoam.cohen@gmail.com
Dr. Barak Dan - brqdn@yahoo.com
Dr. Rakefet Dilmon - Rak2@bezeqint.net
Dr. Shai Dothan - shai.dothan@mail.huji.ac.il
Dr. Ron Dudai - rdudai@yahoo.com
Dr. Irit Ein-Tal Cohen - Ein-tal@zahav.net.il
Adv. Yuval Elbashan - yuval.elbashan@gmail.com
Ms. Edith Falk - Edithf@savion.huji.ac.il
Mr. Ramon Feldbrin - ramon.feldbrin@gmail.com
Adv. Carmit Fenton - carmitf@mscc.huji.ac.il
Adv. Dov Frimer - dfrimer@frimerlaw.com
Adv. Haley Galgut - hgalgut@gmail.com
Dr. Moshe Gelbard - glmoshe@netanya.ac.il
Dr. Eyal Geva - Ezgeva@gmail.com
Dr. Rotem Giladi - rgiladi@umich.edu
Adv. Rony Golan - Rony@golan-law.co.il
Dr. Ehud Gordon - Ohadg@justice.gov.il
Adv. Tony Greenman - tonyglaw@gmail.com
Mr. Avner Hacohen - balu@mscc.huji.ac.il
Mr. Dov Halbertal - dovhalbertal@gmail.com
Dr. Amikam Harpaz - amikamh@gmail.com
Adv. Yoav Hirsch (Partner, Agmon & Co.) - yoav@agmon-law.co.il
Ms. Yael Kariv - yaelykariv@gmail.com
Dr. Ronen Kritenshtein - rkritenshtein@idc.ac.il
Ms. Orly Kuzin-Malachi - orlykuzin@walla.com
Ms. Einat Leshem - einatbys@gmail.com
Adv. Barry Levenfeld (Partner, Yigal Arnon & Co.) - barry@arnon.co.il
Ms. Hila Levi - hila.levi1@mail.huji.ac.il
Dr. Shabtai Levit - shabtaylevit284@gmail.com
Adv. David Lupu - david.lupo.adv@gmail.com
Dr. Lilach Lurie - lilachna@post.tau.ac.il
Adv. Eyal Mamo (Partner, Agmon & Co.) - eyal@agmon-law.co.il
Dr. Maya Meital - meitalmaya@gmail.com
Dr. Yifat Monnickendem - yifat.monnickendam@mail.huji.ac.il
Dr. Tamar Morag-Pinto - tamar.morag@gmail.com
Dr. Irit Negbi - inegbi@walla.co.il
Adv. Omer Netzer - omernetzer@gmail.com
Dr. Gilad Noam - giladno@mscc.huji.ac.il
Dr. Hani Ofek-Ghendler - hofek11@gmail.com
Dr. Daniel Ohana - dannyohana@hotmail.com
Dr. Ittai Paldor (Partner, Tadmor & Co.) - ittai@tadmor.com
Dr. Saar Pauker - pauker@hfn.co.il
Dr. Iddo Porat - poratiddo@gmail.com
Adv. Avi Poten Partner, Agmon & Co.) - avi@agmon-law.co.il
Judge Murray Richtel - mrichtel@aol.com
Adv. Ran Rozenberg - rozenbergr@gmail.com
Dr. Guy Sagi - guy.sagi@gmail.com
Dr. Revital Sela-Shayovitz - ron15r@netvision.net.il
Dr. Yaacov Shapira - shakobi@gmail.com
Ms. Miriam Shatz-Sharon - miriamsh@savion.cc.huji.ac.il
Adv. Benjamin Sheffer (Partner, S. Horowitz & Co,) - benjamins@s-horowitz.com
Dr. Doron Shultziner - shultziner@gmail.com
Adv. Ran Sprinzak (Partner, Erdinast, Ben-Nathan & Co.) - ran@ebnlaw.co.il
Dr. Odeda Steinberg - msodedas@mscc.huji.ac.il
Ms. Hana Tal - chanat@savion.cc.huji.ac.il
Dr. Eran Taussig - ertaussig@gmail.com
Adv. Michael Tsur - tsur_gishaur@yahoo.com
Adv. Amir Wasserman - wasserman.amir@gmail.com
Adv. Avraham Well (Partner, Fischer, Behar, Chen, Well, Orion & Co.) - awell@fbclawyers.com
Dr. Avishalom Westreich - avishalomw@gmail.com
Dr. Inbal Wilmovski - inbiloo@gmail.com
Ms. Nourit Zimmerman - nourit@nyu.edu

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