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As a part of its commitment to academic excellence – in research as well as teaching – in an increasingly global environment, the Faculty hosts every year a number of visiting professors from other countries. These are leading researchers and teachers, who enrich the intellectual life in the Faculty, and their visits in the faculty encourage collaboration in research between Faculty members and leading international scholars.

Visiting professors typically teach condensed one-credit courses over a two to three-week long period and participate in relevant faculty meetings. The Faculty actively encourages its students to participate in at least one such course during their studies here. In addition, the Faculty hosts every year a number of visiting scholars who participate in Faculty seminars, conferences, colloquia etc.
Guests are invited by the Dean, following the recommendation of the visiting professors committee.


Visiting Professors 2013-2014



Visit dates


Martin Adelman
George Washington University, Law School


March 2-6, 2014

Patent Law

Benson Peter
University of Toronto
p.benson@utoronto.ca May 14-22, 2014 John Rawl's Theory of Justice
Bernstein Lisa
University of Chicago
lbernst621@gmail.com March 15-29, 2014 Chicago's Best Ideas
Bix, Brian
University of Minnesota
bixxx002@umn.edu December 19, 2013-January 2, 2014 American Family Law
Cohn Sherman
cohn@law.georgetown.edu December 8, 2013-January 8, 2014 The American Legal System
Filler Ronald
New York Law School
ronald.filler@nyls.edu December 8-15, 2013 International Derivatives Law and Practice
Fischer Jonathan
J.S.Fisher@lse.ac.uk December16, 2013 - January 10, 2014 Corporate Crime
Ford Cristie
The University of British Columbia
ford@law.ubc.ca May 18, 2014 - May 29, 2014 Regulation and Governance
Hilgendorf Eric
University of Würzburg
hilgendorf@jura.uni-wuerzburg.de March 10-28, 2014 Human Dignity - New Developments in European Jurisprudence
Howse Robert
New York University School of Law
howserob@gmail.com May 11-25, 2014 The Mediterranean World as Legal, Economic and Political Space
Jacob Robin
University College London
acob@ucl.ac.uk March 9-14, 2014 Patent Law
Kontorovich Eugene
Northwestern University School of Law
ekontorovich@gmail.com April 28-May 26, 2014 1. Justiciability: Internal Limits on Judicial Review

2. From Pirates to Pinochet and Back Again: Universal Jurisdiction for International Crimes
Markel Dan
FSU College of Law
dan.markel@gmail.com December 20, 2013-January 2, 2014 Sentencing Theory and Policy
Shaw Malcolm
Essex Court Chambers
shawmalcolm@hotmail.com October 8, 2013-November 6, 2013 Fried-Gal Colloquium on Traditional Justice
Soffer Ron rs@sofferavocats.com   The ECHR- Bridging Civil and Common Law
Stone Geoffrey
The University of Chicago
g-stone@uchicago.edu March 10-19, 2014 Chicago's Best Ideas
Ruti Teitel
New York Law School
teitelruti@aol.com December 14-26, 2013 International Law Disputes

Information for Prospective Guests
Initial Contact
Initial correspondence about a possible visit should be directed to Prof. Ehud Guttel – The Chair of the Faculty's Visiting Professors Committee.

Contact Persons
For details regarding the financial aspects of a visit, please contact Prof. Daphna Lewinson-Zamir.
For teaching-related coordination, please contact Dr. Guy Harpaz.

Possible Help with Funding
Some additional help in funding a visit (beyond the ordinary honorarium and/or travel expenses) may be obtainable from several external funds. The Faculty encourages potential visiting professors to apply to such funds as the Fulbright Fund, the Lady Davis Fellowship Trust, and any other helpful source. For assistance in locating such potentially helpful funds, please contact the office of the Faculty Dean.
Cooperation with the Faculty Forums
Much of the intellectual activity in the Faculty takes place under the auspices of the different forums active in the Faculty. The visit of a visiting professor will typically be coordinated with at least one of the forums, so that he or she can take part in the forum's relevant activities. Complete information on the forums can be found in the Institutes & Centers section of this website.
One of the advantages of visiting the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is visiting Jerusalem. For much related information, see the city's tourism website.
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