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Dr. Ilan Benshalom Dr. Ilan Benshalom
Assistant Professor, Senior Lecturer
E-Mail:  ilan.benshalom@mail.huji.ac.il
fields of interest:
Primary: International Taxation, Tax Policy, Distributive Justice, Tax Base Theory. Additional: Corporate Taxation, Taxation of Financial Instruments, Tax Exempt Organization, Welfare Law and Policy, Pension Law and Policy, Labor Law.
Dr. Ilan Benshalom is Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law since 2009 and was Visiting Assistant Professor at Northwestern University School of Law from 2007-09. Dr. Benshalom’s primary research interests lie in International Taxation, Tax Policy, Distributive Justice and Tax Base Theory. Dr. Benshalom has a joint LL.B from Hebrew University Faculty of Law and Faculty of Social Sciences (2003), a LL.M from University College London Faculty of Law (2003) and a JS.D from Yale Law School (2007).
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