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Prof. Mordechai Kremnizer Prof. Mordechai Kremnizer
Bruce W. Wayne chair in international law
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Prof. Kremnitzer is the Bruce W. Wayne Professor of International Law at the Hebrew University of  Jerusalem (formerly - Ivan C. Rand Professor of Criminal Law)

Ll.B., Hebrew University (first in the class), 1970; D. Jur., Hebrew University, 1981; Full Professor of Law, Hebrew University 1999; Editor in Chief, Mishpatim Law Review, 1969-1970;Articled clerk to Supreme Court Justice Tzvi Berinson, 1969-1970; Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the IDF, 1972-1976; Military judge, 1977-2001; Member of the Board, The Association of Civil Rights in Israel, 1982-1990; Dean of the Hebrew University Law Faculty, 1980-1993; Head of the Minerva Center for Human Rights 2001-2003; Chairperson of the Israel Association of Public Law, 2001-2003; President of the Israel Press Council, 2001-2003; since 1994 he has been a Senior Fellow of the Israel Democracy Institute; together with Prof. S. Z. Feller, he prepared the new general part of the Israeli Penal Code, 1980-1983.

Prof. Kremnitzer chaired a number of public committees, including a Committee to Examine the Use of Force by the Police (1994); a Committee on Civic Education (1996); and a Committee on Discipline in the Public Service (1998). He was also active on other committees and acted as an advisor for reforming legislation in various countries.

He was a visiting Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for International and Comparative Penal Law in Freiburg (1982-1983 and 1988-1989); and at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin (2005-2006). Since 2004, he has also been teaching at the Central European University.

His publications include:

Basic Law: The Army – a Commentary, together with A. Bendor: The Sacher Institute Press, 2000

The Role of the High Court of Justice, together with R. Gavison and Y. Dotan: Magnes Press, 2000

The Law of Libel, together with K. Ghanayim and B. Shnoor: The Sacher Institute for Comparative Research of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2005

Disqualification of Lists of Candidates to Knesset Elections, Israel Democracy Institute, 2005

His recent research areas are: the law of homicide, international penal law, human dignity, freedom of speech,  political corruption, terrorism and democracy.

Prof. Kremnitzer teaches Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, specific offences and human rights in emergency situations.

He is the chair of the Committee of Appeal for Students Discipline at The Hebrew University; a Senior Fellow of The Israel Democracy Institute; a member of the Executive Board of The Open University; head of a committee nominated by the Minister of Justice to prepare a new proposal for law on homicide.

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