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Prof. Alon Harel Prof. Alon Harel
Phillip and Estelle Mizock chair in administrative and criminal law
Phone:  +972-2-5882582
Fax:  +972-2-5823042
E-Mail:  alon.harel@mail.huji.ac.il
fields of interest:
moral and political philosophy; philosophy of law; criminal law; law and economics, behavioral law and economics.


LL.B., Hebrew University, (1983) (with distinction).
Hebrew University (1985) (with distinction).
D. Phil. (Philosophy of Law) (1988) (
Balliol College, Oxford).



Lecturer in Law, Hebrew University 1990-1996.
Senior Lecturer in Law 1996.
Professor in Law 2000.

Walter E. Meyer Professor of Law, 2003.
Phillip P. Mizock & Estelle Mizock Chair in Administrative and Criminal Law, 2005



Visiting positions:
Visiting Professor
1998-9 (Columbia Law School).

Visiting Professor at University of Toronto Law School, Sep. 2000.
Faculty Fellow
- 2002-3,
Center of Ethics and the Professions, Harvard University.
Faculty Fellow -
2006-7, Centre of Ethics,
University of Toronto.

Visiting Professor Spring 2008 University of Texas Law School

Visiting Professor Fall 2015 University of Chicago Law School  


Recent publications include:
  1. Alon Harel, Why Law Matters  (Oxford University Press, 2014).

    a. The Washington Post, Book Review: ‘Why Law Matters’ by Alon Harel, By Will Baude November 6, 2014.
    b. Book  Review:  Why  Law Matters  By  Alon  Harel, Mark  Coombes.

    c. Book Review Debate: Zucca and Harel 15 International Journal of Constitutional Law 301-318 (2015)

  2. Alon Harel, The Duty to Criminalize 34 Law and Philosophy 1-22 (2015). 
  3. Alon Harel, The Case Against Privatization 41 Philosophy and Public Affairs 67-102 (2013) (with Avihay Dorfman).
  4. Alon Harel, Necessity Knows No Law 61 University of Toronto L.J., 845-867 (2011) (with Assaf Sharon).
  5. Alon Harel, Commensurability and Agency: Yet Two Unmet Challenges to Law and Economics 96 Cornell L. Rev. 749-788 (2011) (with Ariel Porat).
  6. Alon Harel, The Easy Core Case for Judicial Review  2 Journal of Legal Analysis 227-256  (with Tsvi Kahana).
  7. Alon Harel, Criminal Responsibility for Unspecified Offences 94 Minnesota L. Rev. 261-310 (2009) (with Ariel Porat).
  8. Alon Harel, Uncertainty Revisited: Legal Prediction and Legal Postdiction 107 Michigan L. Rev. 467-499 (2008) (with Ehud Guttel).
  9. Alon Harel, The Economics of Stigma: Why More Detection of Crime May Result in Less Stigmatization 36 Journal of Legal Studies 355-377 (2007) (with Alon Klement).
  10. Alon Harel, The Right to Judicial Review 92 Virginia L. Rev. 991-1022 (2006) (with Yuval Eylon).
  11. Alon Harel, Ex-Post Egalitarianism 21 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 57-75 (2005) (with Zvi Safra & Uzi Segal).
  12. Alon Harel, Matching Probabilities: The Behavioral Law & Economics of Repeated Behavior 72 University of Chicago L. Rev., 1197-2005 (2005) (with Ehud Guttel).
  13. Alon Harel, Theories of Rights in Blackwell’s Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory,191-206(eds. Martin P. Golding & William Edmundson, 2005).
  14. Alon Harel, The Virtues of Uncertainty in Law: An Experimental Approach 89 Iowa L. Rev. 443-494 (2004) (with Tom Baker and Tamar Kugler).
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