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Prof. Alon Harel Prof. Alon Harel
Phillip and Estelle Mizock chair in administrative and criminal law
Phone:  +972-2-5882582
Fax:  +972-2-5823042
E-Mail:  alon.harel@mail.huji.ac.il
fields of interest:
moral and political philosophy; philosophy of law; criminal law; law and economics, behavioral law and economics.


LL.B., Hebrew University, (1983) (with distinction).
Hebrew University (1985) (with distinction).
D. Phil. (Philosophy of Law) (1988) (
Balliol College, Oxford).



Lecturer in Law, Hebrew University 1990-1996.
Senior Lecturer in Law 1996.
Professor in Law 2000.

Walter E. Meyer Professor of Law, 2003.
Phillip P. Mizock & Estelle Mizock Chair in Administrative and Criminal Law, 2005


Visiting positions:
Visiting Professor
1998-9 (Columbia Law School).

Visiting Professor at University of Toronto Law School, Sep. 2000.
Faculty Fellow
- 2002-3,
Center of Ethics and the Professions, Harvard University.
Faculty Fellow -
2006-7, Centre of Ethics,
University of Toronto.

Visiting Professor Spring 2008 University of Texas Law School

Visiting Professor Fall 2015 University of Chicago Law School  


Recent publications include:
  1. Alon Harel, Why Law Matters  (Oxford University Press, 2014).

    a. The Washington Post, Book Review: ‘Why Law Matters’ by Alon Harel, By Will Baude November 6, 2014.
    b. Book  Review:  Why  Law Matters  By  Alon  Harel, Mark  Coombes.

    c. Book Review Debate: Zucca and Harel 15 International Journal of Constitutional Law 301-318 (2015)

    d. Arie Rosen, Book Review 34 Law and Philosophy 699-708 (2015)

    e. Barbara Levenbook, Book Review Notre Dame Philosophical Review 6/10/2015

    f. Rutgers Symposium on WHY LAW MATTERS Comments by Malcolm Thorburn, Ekow Yankaw, Leo Zaibert, Guyora Binder, Kyron Huigens with a response by Alon Harel 2 Critical Analysis of Law (2015)

  2. Alon Harel, Against Privatization as Such (forthcoming in Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 2016) (with Avihay Dorfman).
  3. Alon Harel, The Duty to Criminalize 34 Law and Philosophy 1-22 (2015). 
  4. Alon Harel, The Case Against Privatization 41 Philosophy and Public Affairs 67-102 (2013) (with Avihay Dorfman).
  5. Alon Harel, Necessity Knows No Law 61 University of Toronto L.J., 845-867 (2011) (with Assaf Sharon).
  6. Alon Harel, Commensurability and Agency: Yet Two Unmet Challenges to Law and Economics 96 Cornell L. Rev. 749-788 (2011) (with Ariel Porat).
  7. Alon Harel, The Easy Core Case for Judicial Review  2 Journal of Legal Analysis 227-256  (with Tsvi Kahana).
  8. Alon Harel, Criminal Responsibility for Unspecified Offences 94 Minnesota L. Rev. 261-310 (2009) (with Ariel Porat).
  9. Alon Harel, Uncertainty Revisited: Legal Prediction and Legal Postdiction 107 Michigan L. Rev. 467-499 (2008) (with Ehud Guttel).
  10. Alon Harel, The Economics of Stigma: Why More Detection of Crime May Result in Less Stigmatization 36 Journal of Legal Studies 355-377 (2007) (with Alon Klement).
  11. Alon Harel, The Right to Judicial Review 92 Virginia L. Rev. 991-1022 (2006) (with Yuval Eylon).
  12. Alon Harel, Ex-Post Egalitarianism 21 Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 57-75 (2005) (with Zvi Safra & Uzi Segal).
  13. Alon Harel, Matching Probabilities: The Behavioral Law & Economics of Repeated Behavior 72 University of Chicago L. Rev., 1197-2005 (2005) (with Ehud Guttel).
  14. Alon Harel, Theories of Rights in Blackwell’s Guide to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory,191-206(eds. Martin P. Golding & William Edmundson, 2005).
  15. Alon Harel, The Virtues of Uncertainty in Law: An Experimental Approach 89 Iowa L. Rev. 443-494 (2004) (with Tom Baker and Tamar Kugler).
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