International Accountability Mechanisms: Political and Legal Feasibility

ב', 13/01/2020

Chatham House, 10 St James's Square, St. James's, London, UK


The workshop will investigate the legal and political backdrop to discussions surrounding the question of developing new attribution or accountability mechanisms for international cyber operations. Arguably, existing international rules and institutions do not fully capture the special challenges posed by cyber operations in terms of their modus operandi (e.g., extensive reliance of private actors), the related forensics (e.g., decoys, time-delayed logic bombs etc), and the general lack of transparency of the field, and, as a result, it is characterised by low levels of norm-compliance and accountability. The workshop would try to unpack some of the central legality and accountability challenges by examining the adequacy of the international rules of state responsibility to address cyber operations, the increased tendency to develop collective attribution statements, positions and sanctions, and the reasons for opposition and support by different groups of states for developing new attribution institutions. On the basis of such discussions, questions of feasibility, desirability and possible contours of a new attribution or accountability mechanism for international cyber operations will be revisited.


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